What do I know about love?

When I was growing up my mom and stepfather moved us from Mississippi to Connecticut. What a difficult time for me it was leaving a place that brought so much joy and contentment. Oh, my goodness, I LOVED living in the south as a child…so much fun. Being separated from my grandparents was the hardest thing that my young life had endured. It seemed very traumatic for me, of course I survived.

As a few years had gone by and I found my Connecticut rhythm, school, friends and everyday life. There was one major change that took place for the better, my mom getting divorced from my abusive and womanizing stepfather. Believe me it was a tough road for my mother, doing everything by herself. Unfortunately, there was no child support that could help put a little ease on the things she had to do for us. Getting state assistance wasn’t an option, she was proud and a hard worker. That is a testament of her true character and faith.

When my grandparents became ill and no longer were able to live alone, she stepped in without hesitation like any superwoman would. She relocated them to Connecticut to live with us. My mom made it look effortless the way she was taking care of everything. I always make the joke, I didn’t realize we were broke until I became an adult. I still chuckle every time I say it.

My mom has taught me all I know about surviving. She has taught me resilience and that getting up is just part of life. If you stay down, you can’t blame anyone else. I’ve learned dedication is my friend, to be treated with the utmost respect. Her support and prayers are paramount. So, what I know about love is that no one will ever love me like my mom. And I don’t expect them to.

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