Spreading love and joy throughout the world with creative gifts.

Mission Statement


We create unique handmade gemstone cards and gifts that are beautiful pieces of artwork. Each piece is a meaningful keepsake made from love for the special ones in your life.

Creativity sparks something special within Shaunda Hale, penetrating the deepest parts of her existence. While working in the state of Connecticut Department of Correction for 20 years gave her financial stability, it didn’t feed the truest part of her. She understood it as a BLESSING, but always dreamt of finally doing something that really made her heart sing, something that set her whole being ablaze.

Her love of words, thoughts and creativity has brought her here, to this space in time called Love Creations by Shaunda®. The joy she feels each day being able to live in a creative space brings her the type of joy that even surprises her at times. It makes her feel childlike and free to be able to share with the world this love she has within. She often says she feels closest to GOD when she is creating.

Shaunda remembers the many days going into work with books, journals and loads of writing instruments stuffed in her cloth lunch bag. And, if you’re wondering…no she was not supposed to bring all that stuff in the prison, but it helped make the time move. She would write poetry, stories, and whatever came to mind all throughout the shift. It was her very own mental oasis within those sad concrete walls and scary metal doors.

During the early part of her career, she was also introduced to this magnificent light pink stone called Rose Quartz, the semi-precious stone of Unconditional/ Universal Love. Because the environment was extremely negative, she settled with the idea that she should carry them in her pocket to remind herself that “I AM LOVE” no matter what was going on around her and/or said to her. The best part about it…no one knew…it was her special thing.

Since she felt like she was getting so much out of the Rose Quartz, she had this idea that she would put them on cards and give them to family and friends.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t get them how she wanted and was short of creative time, so they were put away for safe keeping with all her other creative materials.

Fast forward to the middle of 2018 after retiring in February, she self-published her first poetry book From an Open Heart and started a business, Love Creations by Shaunda®, creating handmade cards and decor using Rose Quartz.

Love Creations by Shaunda® continues to grow and evolve as well as being a mind-blowing journey. The mission is to continue spreading love and smiles throughout the world through creativity.